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Routine hood inspections and does your department do it?


Your department or organization should have something in place for scheduled inspections for your protective hood. Each inspection should be documented and filed. 

Why is it important to do a first use inspection? 

To ensure the hood does not have any construction flaws or was damaged when being put into service.

How often do you inspect your protective hood?

Following every use

What should you look for inspecting your hood:

  • soiling and/or contamination
  • physical damage such as, but not limited to, rips holes,tears,frays,or cuts
  • thermal damage such as, but not limited to, charring, burn holes, melting, and discoloration of any layer
  • compromise in seams and/or stitches-ensuring there are no broken or missing stitches (thread)
  • elastic face opening-assess whether the face opening is still elastic and has not become overextended. The face opening of your protective hood must fit securely around your SCBA facepiece each time you wear it
  • label legibility-labels should not be removed, and information/markings should be legible
  • questionable appearance or characteristics 

If any of the above conditions exist, alert your supervisor of your department or organization,and request a determination on the continued serviceability of your protective hood. Considering the cost of a new protective hood, repair is not practical or recommended.

What is an advanced inspection?

An inspection carried out by an individual with your department or organization who has been trained in advanced inspections or by a qualified and independent service provider. Full written documentation of these inspections should be kept.

How often is an advanced inspection done?

At least every 12 months, after every advanced cleaning, or whenever there is a concern about its condition for continued service.

To read or print the full WARNING & USER INFORMATION GUIDE for Protective Hoods for Structural Firefighting, go to http://www.majhoods.com/content/Majestic_User_Guid...

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